Children's scene

Dalija Aćin Thelander, author and choreographer, has created an interesting interactive performance for children, which is presented in an unusual space that resembles a large white balloon/tent, which particularly contributes to the feeling of warmth, carefreeness and intimacy between the audience and the performers.

The show is an ode to marionette, its beauty, subtlety and expressive possibilities. Circus acts, acrobatics, dancing on the wire, assembling, disassembling, juggling, etc. are in the foreground. The story seems to be a decoration. It is a story about love and about some crazy artists, that is - all of us.

A MAGIC BOOK / Age: 3+

This happy company will remind us that the best gift is a book and that the wisdom we discover in it is the greatest human strength. Hope still exists - nowadays BEING CLEVER is FASHIONABLE after all.

“A hard-material piece of puppetry” is the subtitle of the text written by Igor Bojović who  has provided his version of the famous fable about three piglets in a playful and educational way, but also dealt with the topic of abandoned pets. The puppet show, which enchants equally children and parents, was directed by Dragoslav Todorović.

Andersens chefs / Age: 3+

“Andersen’s Chefs", by Dragoslav Todorović, is an ode to Andersen and his work.

PUSS IN BOOTS / Age: 3-8

“Puss in Boots” is one of the most famous fairy tales. It has elements of a fable as it contains the personification of animals. The story is about a wise and very capable cat who uses trickery to help his master gain wealth and win the hand of a princess, the king’s only child, in marriage.

The theatre performance for all children based on Toon Tellegen’s stories from different collections. The small stories about people and the appearance of animals.

“The Little School of Rock and Roll” was written some twenty years ago as a new rendition of “Rock and Roll for Children”, played in Boško Buha Theatre.


A musical for children, based on Aesop's fables, shows in an interesting way how opposites attract. The show was created on the basis of the original text written by Maja Pelević and directed by Đurđa Tešić.

The performance about Merlin the Wizard, the most powerful wizard among the fairies and elves who brings the Wicked Witch to a trial and calls the Walt Disney's animated characters to be witnesses (Little Mermaid, the Beast, Hansel and Gretel, the Spirit of Aladdin's lamp, Cruella de Vil, etc.).

PINOCCHIO / Age: 4-10

The story follows the growing up and maturation of the wooden puppet Pinocchio (Jelena Petrović), which, thanks to a lot of sacrifice and love of Master Gepetto, manages to deal with the challenges of the world around him.

UPSIDE DOWN / Age: 4-8

A modern interactive dance performance for children. “Upside Down” is a performance that offers to the youngest audience a unique encounter with contemporary dance.

The enchanted world of folk tales, with their princesses and evil stepmothers, magic forests and wise old kings, have been an integral part of childhood for hundreds of years.


The famous Russian (Ural region) tale of damnation of those who search for treasure and wealth has been told in many ways.

Dušan Radovanović wrote the original text for the performance based on the famous fairy tale "The Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault. Our version is a contemporary story in which the Little Red Riding Hood is a modern dance generation girl.

WHO IS LAURETTE? / Age: 5-10

The puppet show “Who is Laurette?” is based on the children’s story book written by the French writer Florence Cadier and translated to many languages. Thanks to the enthusiastic enterprise of the publishing house “Baobab”, it is available also in our language.

The performance is based on a novel by Ivan Kušan, which was translated into a Croatian television series in 1984. Melita, like many other children of her age, loves to speak untruth.

Dušan Radović wrote and published the text “Captain John Peoplefox” in 1953 as radio drama. In Little Theatre this play was staged for the first time in 1988 under the title “Good Morning, Captain Peoplefox”. The adaptation was done by playwright Dragoslav Simić and director Oliver Viktorović.


That’s right, my dear little children, it's wool. We get that wool from a soft and warm animal - sheep. Its fleece is so soft and warm like a story written by Ivo Andrić in 1953. That story is entitled “Aska and the Wolf”. This is a story about violence and how to stop it.

This text is based on the Andersen’s fairy tale from the 19th century. The structure of Andersen's tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" is much closer to a humorous tale than to a fairy tale.