Democracy and puppetry

Democracy and puppetry

Cast: Age: 13+
Аuthor: Group of authors

Project |  Democracy and puppetry


The "Democracy and Puppetry" project enables young European citizens between the ages of 13 and 16 to deal with democracy and human rights issues in a creative way.

Students who will participate in the project will gain basic knowledge on the topics of democracy and human rights in workshops as part of regular school classes. In the further course of the project, they will examine their personal environment as well as the environment of their national and regional reality in "Action Research". The obtained insights will be the basis for creating a puppet theater play, which will then be performed in public spaces in front of families, peer groups, politicians and other interested citizens. In this way, they will present their thoughts and wishes regarding democracy and human rights directly to the authorities in their country, but also enable the audience that is actively involved in the event to see statements that may have negative connotations (eg due to migration background) from different perspectives. At the same time, puppetry will help them to express controversy, to get to the core of what is difficult to say, but also to bring completely new relationships into a relationship.

Young people from five to ten school classes will participate in the project, and their work will be monitored by their teachers and artists. The methods used in the thematic work with young people will be taught by teachers and artists "Zentrum polis - political learning in school", and the final form will be developed together with the project participants. On that occasion, workshops with representatives of all participating partners from four countries will be held in Vienna for a few days. The project will take place simultaneously in Budapest, Belgrade, Ravni na Koroškem and Vienna.

Students, teachers, artists, as well as indirectly involved participants, for example visitors to the performances as well as the general public who will be introduced to the project "Democracy and Puppetry" through social networks, will be more or less permanently aware of democracy and human rights. Thanks to the wide range of participating schools, the goal of the project is to reach students from weaker social, "culturally distant" strata, as well as those from "good families". This will contribute to the universal applicability of the final methods.

Teaching methods developed during the project will be free for further use after the end of the project. They will be shared through the networks of participating teachers, artists, students and theaters. The broad public relations strategy developed by the project team will contribute to the greatest possible international dissemination.

The objectives of the project are on the one hand to promote understanding of the importance of democracy and human rights for maintaining peace and cohesion in the European Union, and on the other hand to develop and make reproducible methods available through education on democracy and human rights for teachers, youth, artists and all interested parties. countries across Europe. The project sees itself as a contribution to "Global and European Citizenship Education".

Project carrier:
LILARUM Puppet Theater (Vienna)

Partners in Serbia:
• Little Theater "Duško Radović" (Belgrade)
Elementary school "Ilija Bircanin" (Belgrade)

Partners in Austria:
Hainburger Straße High School (Vienna)
Zentrum polis - political learning at school (Vienna)

Partners in Slovenia:
Cooperative Zraven (Ravne na Koroškem)
Ravne High School (Ravne na Koroškem)

Partners in Hungary:
Keleti István Primary School for Kunst und Kunsthochschule (Budapest)
• ITERPLAY Hungary Egyesület


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