New Year’s performance as of 10th December

The New Year's Eve is the time when the strangest things happen. In this night, our fairy tale characters have decided to step out of the books and walk in the streets of Belgrade. Eager to experience new adventures (routine for us), they meet with the Writer who has created them. They are singing and playful, each in their own way, ready to prove that they deserve special attention in this magical night. The ending occurs when the Writer, with a great help of Santa Claus, proves to them that the real world is without magic and it is better for them to return to their fairy tales because children need them there.

10-29 December
Ticket price: RSD 500
Directed by: Ivan Jevtović

Cast: Ivana Adžić, Miloš Andjelković, Aleksandra Andjelković, Arsenije Tubić and Santa Clause

This happy company will remind us that the best gift is a book and that the wisdom we discover in it is the greatest human strength. Hope still exists - nowadays BEING CLEVER is FASHIONABLE after all.

Box office: 011 7858440

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