Translation: Jelisaveta Milojević
Direction: Stevan Bodroža
Playwright: Marija Stojanović
Set design: Milica Bajić Đurov
Costume design: Milica Kolarić
Choreography and stage movement: Nevzati K. Keri
Costume Design Assistant: Strahinja Tabaković
Editor: Ljiljana Mrkić Popović
Stage fencing: David Аlić
Music selection: Stevan Bodroža


ESCALUS, Prince of Verona Dušica Sinobad
MONTAGUES & CAPULETS, heads of two families at odds
Nikola Kerkez (Montagues)
Nenad Radović (Capulets)
LADY MONTAGUE, Montague’s wife Marijana Vićentijević Badovinac
LADY CAPULET, Capulet’s wife Katarina Dimitrijević / Lana Adžić
ROMEO, Montague’s son Milan Zarić
JULIET, Capulet’s daughter Hana Beštić
JULIET’S NURSE Dušica Sinobad
MERCUTIO, a kinsman to the Prince & BENEVOLIO, Montague’s nephew - Romeo’s friends
Nikola Kerkez (Mercutio)
Lazar Maksić (Benvolio)
TYBALD, a nephew of Lady Capulet Jovana Cvetković
PARIS, a young nobleman, kinsman of the Prince Jovana Cvetković
FRIAR LAWRENCE, a Franciscan friar Marijana Vićentijević Badovinac
FRIAR JOHN, a friar from the same Franciscan order Jovana Cvetković
BALTHASAR, Romeo’s servant Lazar Maksić
SAMPSON & GREGORY Servants of the house of Capulet
Nikola Kerkez (Sampson)
Marijana Vićentijević Badovinac (Gregory)
ABRAM, Montague’s servant, Katarina Dimitrijević / Lana Adžić
FIRST GUARD Nenad Radović
Citizens of Verona; men and women, kinsmen of both families; masqueraders, guards, orderlies and attendants
THE CHORUS Nikola Kerkez
Location: Verona and Mantua

Premiere date: 14 March 2022

Age: 14+
Duration: 110'
Аuthor: William Shakespeare / Marija Stojanović
Stage: Evening/Youth Stage

The Montagues and the Capulets are the two families of the Italian city of Verona in a long-standing feud. Romeo, the son of the head of the Montague family, meets Juliet - the daughter of the head of the Capulet family, at a party, and a sincere and strong love is born between them, blind to the restrictions imposed by the hatred of two feuding families. As Romeo and Juliet's love grows and is confirmed by a secret wedding, the feud between the two families escalates and leads to a crime. Romeo is sentenced to banishment from the city because of the murder committed to avenge the death of his good friend, but because of his love for Juliet, he decides to stay secretly in Verona. During that time, Juliet's parents want her to marry Paris, a respectable and rich young man. Faced with the pressure from their parents and the law, Romeo and Juliet together choose a tragic end for themselves, which eventually leads to the reconciliation of the two families.



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