Based on the novel by Felix Salten

Theatrical adaptation: Uglješa Šajtinac and Bojana Lazić
Director: Bojana Lazić
Set and costume design: Zorana Petrov
Music: Vladimir Pejković
Stage movement: Damjan Kecojević


Nedim Nezirović

Bambi’s mum
Dušica Sinobad

Faline, Fox
Maja Jovanović Spasojević*

Gobo, Leaf 1
Jelena Ilić

Bambi’s father, Leaf 2, HE
Damjan Kecojević

Ena, Owl, Dog
Mihaela Stamenković*

Nikola Kerkez

* In cooperation with Puls Theatre Lazarevac

Premiere date: 23 October 2022

Age: 7+
Duration: 60'
Аuthor: F. Salten/U. Šajtinac/B. Lazić
Stage: Children Stage

Bambi the fawn was born in a big, deep, soft and fragrant forest. The first person seen by Bambi after being born was his mother. She helped him get on his feet, protected him from the harsh world and loved him with all her heart.





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