Author and choreographer: Dalija Aćin Thelander
Playwright: Мaja Pelević
Set and costume design: Zorana Petrov
Composer: Vladimir Pejaković



The theatre capacity is 50 seats.
The audience is kindly asked to buy the tickets at least three days before the scheduled performance because of a high demand.

Date of premiere: 4 June 2008

Age: 1-9
Duration: 45'
Аuthor: Dalija Aćin Thelander
Stage: Children Stage

Dalija Aćin Thelander, author and choreographer, has created an interesting interactive performance for children, which is presented in an unusual space that resembles a large white balloon/tent, which particularly contributes to the feeling of warmth, carefreeness and intimacy between the audience and the performers. The 100th performance took place in 2014. This show has been seen by more than ten thousand children worldwide.



Dalija Aćin Thelander was born in 1974. She completed the Ballet School Lujo Davičo and acquired contemporary dance knowledge and practice through many workshops and residencies in Europe (Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf).
She presented her choreographic works in numerous festivals in the country and abroad (BITEF, BELEF, Infant, Tanz im August, Tazntendezen, Mladi levi, Week of Contemporary Dance, Oppla, Performa, etc.) and collaborated with international choreographers (Isabelle Schad, Thomas Lehmen and others).
She is a co-founder and coordinator of the Station Service for Contemporary Dance Belgrade, a member of the Artistic Board of Nomad Dance Academy and the Balkan Dance Network programme, etc.


Once upon a time there was a... Where have the limits of opportunity disappeared? It all begins with the quest for something unfathomable, unattainable and infinite such as the universe. Seeking to reach something we know nothing about, we are gradually involved in a game of energy and metamorphosis.  We create our own traps for ourselves and occasionally get caught in them. We make up stories wanting others to believe in them.  We believe that every new step takes us forward and we fail to notice that we are transformed from one form to another. To fold up in shade.  In somebody’s plate.  In whose plate? The possible direction of movement is discerned on the curtain, on the carpet. With repetition. With brutal repetition.  With insatiable repetition. And why does it end there and not somewhere else?  Where it all began. In the womb. Do, re, mi, fa, sol.  Solmisation of the world. As a reflex. And as a premonition.  Do we sense separation? Or is it just the beginning of something new that we have yet to discover?  Or not.  Do we believe in separation?  There is a danger of illusion in discerning.  Creation of one’s own space.  To be left alone. Can we believe in what we are seeing now or is it already changing in front of our very eyes?  How can you cross a border you cannot see?  How will you understand that this is just a wishing place? UNREAL.  UNEXPECTED. UNTHINKABLE. UNTAMEABLE.  INCOMPATIBLE.  INEVITABLE.  UNBELIEVABLE.  UNUSUAL.  UNEXPECTED.  UNSEEN. UNDISCOVERED.
Everything that awaits us when we decide to wander.
Maja Pelević


Maja Pelević was born on 13 February 1981 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Department of Dramaturgy in 2005.
Staged plays:
“ESCape” - Bitef Art Café in 2004, directed by Jelena Bogavac; “Ler” - National Theatre in Subotica in 2005, directed by Slađana Kilibarda; directed by Miloš Lazin, MTM Mostar; “Fake Porno” (together with M. Bogavac, J. Bogavac and F.  Vujošević) directed by Jelena Bogavac, Bitef Theatre in 2005; “Be a Lady for a Day” - directed by Ksenija Krnajski, Bitef Theatre in 2005; “Belgrade-Berlin” directed by Ksenija Krnajski, Zvezdara Theatre in 2005; “Belgrade-Berlin” directed by Predrag Kalaba, Volksbuhne Theatre (Project Parasite), Berlin in 2005; ”The Orange Peel” directed by Goran Marković; Atelje 212 in 2006; “I or Somebody Else” directed by Kokan Mladenović, Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad in 2007; “Jumpgirl” directed by Kokan Mladenović, co-production of Budva City Theatre and Novi Sad Serbian National Theatre in 2007; “Signpost-Infinitely Close, Infinitely Far (Via Balkan)” directed by Kokan Mladenović, National Theatre in Sombor in 2007; “Hamlet Hamlet Eurotrash” (script and direction together with Filip Vujošević), Terazije Theatre, Belgrade in 2008.
Awards: “Slobodan Selenić” for the best graduation play at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade; “Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz” for playwriting; “Maybe we are Mickey Mouse” - the best modern national play at the competition of Sterija’s Theatre in 2007.


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