Evening/Youth Scene

PREMIERE I Wednesday, June 15 at 8 p.m.


The Montagues and the Capulets are the two families of the Italian city of Verona in a long-standing feud. Romeo, the son of the head of the Montague family, meets Juliet - the daughter of the head of the Capulet family, at a party, and a sincere and strong love is born between them, blind to the restrictions imposed by the hatred of two feuding families.

“The Story of a Mother” is a fairy tale for  children and adults. It is a mythical story, on the verge of ritual, disturbing and full of painful but purifying symbols. A story of Life and Love, which are revealed through an encounter with Death. It is more than the current; it penetrates the unconscious, the unknown. Mother, through her struggle with Death, learns to overcome Pain and embrace with love all forms of Life.

UTOPIA / Age: 11+

Utopia is a play created on the basis of workshops with fifteen teenagers who are also the performers. The text is based on the documentary statements of the participants, and includes their experiences and attitudes on various social topics. The underlying idea is to answer together, by the end of the process, the question of what utopia is. What does utopia mean to you?

“Boy with a Suitcase”, written by Mike Kenny, is the story of a 12-year-old boy who is forced to leave his home and undertake a long and dangerous journey to a better life in the “promised land”. In his small suitcase he carries his  biggest treasure - bedtime stories told by his parents in his childhood. With the help of these stories and Krysia, a girl that Naz meets along his journey, he manages to meet with his brother in safety and tell a new story.


Is school life really the best period of human life? Does every adult wish to return to that period at least once, at least for an hour? Were we happier in that period, were our problems smaller, are we now wiser, but sadder?  Do we all need A School Break?


The performance Good Manners, based on the eponymous book authored by Jasminka Petrović, was created to present to school-age children the rules of good behaviour, acceptable communication, respect for the rights and freedoms of others, and to awaken the spirit of good neighbourly behaviour and empathy for others.

He is not able to button up, tie his shoe laces, cut the meat on his plate. It is difficult for him to get on the bus, kick the ball, draw a skater. His Mum and Dad are worried and tired, and the doctor is demanding and overwhelmed with her problems. People in the street pity and move away from him as much as they can, while his school mates make fun of and avoid him. They call him Kljaka (Gimp), although he has a nice name Jovan.

The play Little Corporal reveals the heroic destiny of a historical personality, boy Momčilo Gavrić, who is forced to escape from his burned village in the vicinity of Loznica and embark on a difficult journey together with the Serbian Army in the turbulent times in Serbia in 1914. The boy becomes a war hero and a corporal in the ranks of Major Tucović.

Seeking to present to young people the magic of first love, but also to figure out their fears, hopes and sufferings, the performance “A Blonde Lock of Hair” follows in a modern way the growing up and fate of a generation in our country.

A romantic comedy in which the families of two priests live in harmony until a young teacher appears in their lives and both families see him as a perfect groom for their daughters. The central plot and numerous complications reported by a village gossip are based on the love adventures of priests’ daughters Jula and Melanija, country boy Šaca and "dream groom" Pera.

The show about teenagers for teenagers deals with the phase of life in which we work, talk and think as if nobody had ever existed before us, and the music is perceived as a matter of "life and death”. The show “Teenage Club / Facts on Growing Up” is created as part of the project “Future” implemented by Uppsala Stadsteater from Sweden and Little Theatre Duško Radović.