Written by: Danka Sekulović
Set and costume design: Hristina Šormaz
Music: Branko Džinović
Stage movement: Tamara Pjević
Direction advisor: Ana Popović
Set and costume design assistant: Marija Stojković



Donkey’s Soul: Aleksandra Anđelković
Elder Sister: Danka Sekulović
Younger Sister: Sofija Uzur


Age: 3+
Duration: 45'
Аuthor: Folk tale / D. Sekulović
Stage: Children Stage

Two sisters went to the market to sell a donkey. The older sister was riding a donkey, while the younger one was walking. When people saw them, they asked why the older sister was sitting and the younger one was walking. The sisters changed places. That was not good either - another man wondered why the younger sister was sitting and the older one was walking. Finally, they both sat on the donkey, but the donkey didn't like it. Then they dismounted and continued on foot. Perhaps the situation where no one was riding the donkey was also strange to someone, but it would have been even stranger if they had carried the donkey. Realising that they could not please everyone, the sisters returned home with their donkey.




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Братислав Петковић, Узраст 5+