Concept and direction:
Ivan Baletić
Text* and playwriting:
Tijana Grumić
*The text is based on the documentary statements of performers.
Srđan Marković
Author of video programme:
Goran Balaban
Associate in video production:
Anica Ražnatović
Costume design:
Martina Malobović
Assistant Director and leading actor:
Petar Kokinović
Srđan Marković and Petar Zorkić
Stage movement:
Anđelko Beroš
Drama pedagogue:
Paul Murray
Psychological support:
Violeta Goldman


Story authors / performers:

Dunja Dedaucić
Iskra Dilkić
Jana Dimitrijević
Lazar Đurić
Iva Žeravica
Žana Jelovac
Petra Lukić Jović
Ina Nikolić
Inda Novak
Dimitrije Pantić
Dunja Smiljanić
Maša Stanković
Dragan Subotić
Mia Trifunović
Maša Cvrkotić

Age: 11+
Duration: 60'
Аuthor: Ivan Baletić / Tijana Grumić*
Stage: Evening/Youth Stage

Utopia is a play created on the basis of workshops with fifteen teenagers who are also the performers. The text is based on the documentary statements of the participants, and includes their experiences and attitudes on various social topics. The underlying idea is to answer together, by the end of the process, the question of what utopia is. What does utopia mean to you?



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